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    Je suis (I Am) Jesus Christ, bless the Lord O my soul; and all that is within me bless his holy name. Bless the Lord , O my soul, and forget not his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindnesss and tender mercies. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things, so that they youth is renewed like the eagles.  (Psalms 103:1-5)
     Reading this passage of scripture so excited me through and through, most of the time I can’t put it into words, why despite astronomical loses we, the assembly of the martyrs praise our God most of all. So you must see by this amazing testimony, this is the God we worship, this is the God we praise, It all make us want to say, ask with this Psalmist, who is this King Of Glory? Believing, trusting, honoring and obeying the biblical testament that Jesus Christ alone, (God’s Kingdom Come) He is this King Of Glory!

Repent Ye!

     For we acknowledge our transgressions, and our sins are ever before thee, against thee,  thee only Father God,  have we sinned and down this evil in thy sight, that you might be justified when you speak and be clear when you judge. Behold we were shaped in iniquity and in sin did our mothers conceive us. See Psalm 51,

Prophecy Link

     Seen to be seeing the rise of the anti-Christ engulf the planet, as so a play on, with a large meteor like rock that at it’s release did a voice lament, “this is the anti-Christ murderer,” the complete destruction  of King Nebuchadnezzar’s image of emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from the heavens on the map Dan. 2:3-49  
     Seen to be receiving text like messages, after text message from heaven, all seem to be saying this one things and I quote, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way,” pause momentarily and just think on this, I didn't know it at the time, but those 21 Coptic, Egyptian Christians with Jesus on their lips were getting beheaded around the same time, see St. John 14:1-4, Acts. 1:6-11

 Trumpets                                                                                               05/23/2015

     "That’s because man is one whose constantly, worriedly after the tallest, unreachable branch in the tree oppose to learning it’s not even Jesus, the Righteous Branch but a clever diversion by a wicked delusionist. Is that including my country America? America Beowulf isn’t your country, or anyone else’s, it’s a veil of illusion indicative of the evil deceiving our first parents, I don’t, I mean what are you, come on man, he’s just saying if you’re talking America, or the Dr. Phil’s, the Obama’s, Winfreys, Olsten’s, even the Pope, you’re talking band aids when people, all of them need a heart transplant that only God through their complete surrender to Christ’s Cross can perform. That’s genius Desrek man, just genius, well that would explain the centuries and centuries of failure, now Hain man you’re talking since the Garden of Eden, the fall of mankind’s first parents, can you even count back that far? Just think, what would be Psalms 22:14 explanation of Jesus’cry from the cross, “I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint, my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowels,” meaning the bones and heart of flesh, of sin and corruption not of His own was all being dissolved away unto a holy, divine magnificent passion and compassion of the Supreme Father, so the ancient question remain, who do you serve? Because the followers of Jesus Christ no longer serve sin, for the seed of Christ’s righteousness (Living Word, Living Cross and Holy Spirit) is in them and they no longer serve sin. Well to detour slightly here, I believe I'm being assured that the seals are open.” Suddenly halting everyone, a gathering of about forty momentarily along their pleasant fellowship one of another, Masseiah did note the uneasiness now stunning such unaware. “That their opening possibly began with the Obama Administration, and, and!” Roughly that she's to push her most important point, that's revelation of all through their mighty conversing, merrymaking and again fellowship, “and is possibly why everything has been along such elevated, to aggressive, to historic measures doing his presidency, that records of every aspect are being either set or broken even with ancient, biblical prophecies being fulfilled.” An annual meeting that had become literally ritualistic since that urgent day a couple years passed of all of them running to a severally wounded Desrek’s aid, came to be designed Desrek’s Christmas. “It was you Christian who questioned why would Holy Spirits show two varying Apostles Of Jesus Christ alternate prophecies regarding a Pale Horse? Truly not wanting to state or admit the obvious, that the pale horse prophecy could be realized, then as soon as a few years off, now we’re talking, what, the fall or winter of 2017? Though as I stand here and share such extraordinary reveal I’m reminded how the Christ Lord I'd seen had been the same, the prophet Ezekiel and others, the Angel Gabriel, and others had all been as biblically sound. Though for some odd reason I'd failed to see all other prophetic events they’d made me a party too were simply divine reminders of what was now unto complete fulfillment. Don’t tell us Maaseiah, you couldn't see because of your humility right? Or it was all awaiting a fullness of time which is now, which Soledad mean the dream you had about the crystal skies falling unveiling two gory crystallized beast was actually you witnessing the world wide catastrophe regarding the fall of America. That one Satanic infiltration regarding falsity of every characteristic of free world living even at present but not for long preventing the whole world from seeing its end which has come. Ah my God, Masseiah,” with a single tear streaming along both sides of his face, even his nose, as he ready tissues for wiping, had a light most brilliant come on regarding what seem a long anticipated mystery. “That make so much sense now, as Satan and his angelic followers are cast out of heaven, followed by a great woe of forewarning toward, upon the earth’s inhabitants as he become such the mightier destroyer, even assisting anti-Christ. So a bellowing cry is also heard and felt over the world, as its most special mother nation, even formation, America, the free world is meet with complete obliteration.  So the sunlight, God like imagine Maaseiah you saw and heard speak, commissioned as to a Patriarch Moses, “let my people go,” He was demanding they be free unto the marriage Supper of the Lamb? That actually the trumpet warning regarding the Resurrection of the Righteous Dead is truly to ready the world unto the divine Wedding Feast? How phenomenal is that? Truly Sioux Noel, the Spirit and Bride say come, and he said unto me write, blessed are those bidden to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Now it make sense, that the pale horse prophecy could be fulfilled as soon as the finality of the Obama administration, which then Sioux would make sense of Holy Spirits anointing and appointing an Apostle of Christ in these final days, thus bringing everything they've shown me into better revelations.  Though, speaking of better revelations, I have something, when I told you of the stone made without hands that King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed and the prophet Daniel interpreted, being released and described as the anti-Christ murderer. It was me, a spirit of contrariness playing the rock back and forth, but clearly it was me, I even saw that the rock wasn’t smooth but had the surface of a meteor just before it was released. I must tell you the spirit of fickleness I saw myself in has plenty disturbed me, now ascended why such an inelegant spirit? Well Maaseiah ask yourself what percentage of the church age are truly looking for Christ’s return, let alone with all that is heart and soul within clamoring or calling after it? It’s like you’ve said, as long as the American Dream stand, even Satan's Seat, much of what religious assembly is, people have little purpose for God’s Reign. So you was experiencing that side, that spirit of the church bride, one of many I suppose, drunk with the world, even the things of the world, even with all its troubles, thus finding themselves uninterested regarding divine fulfillment. Though once again Maaseiah, whether you’re to note and apart from the unsound spirit, Holy Spirits were once more placing the Church Bride in heaven doing Great Tribulation. I remind you of the spirit you’ve described being in as the Holy Lords are carrying you off, up to the Supreme’s throne, remember, you wasn’t so happy about it? You’re right, I’ve never been so cheerless, so forlorn no doubt Maaseiah little anticipating a Jubilee indescribable awaiting you. So the rise of John's two beast, one from earth, one from the sea, those representing both the Anti Christ and the False Prophet, I witness do the same just before the Obama Administration. Unto the continuing time table Holy Spirits spoke or forewarn of and I paid little attention of, the two weeks and seven years, we're not just talking the duration of  Obama’s presidency  are we? It’s to be the beginning of the final week of years regarding Daniel's 
Prophecies of which he was commanded by the man in linden, that type of Christ here to conceal unto the end. Have you guys considered that we’re only like one open doorway, one welcoming call from participating in, with or of being allowed revelations of God’s throne? You're right Maaseiah, when you regard it all, all that you've seen, that we've all in these final days seen in this most prevalent revelation what we once knew in part is now well known." Finding her instead this away spirit, almost dismayed, as they all were, that Marked Tree Hill spoke, the one who little responded, who rarely or barely cared, or they thought, spoke, and what he spoke was wise and true. “I'm sorry did I say something wrong? No, it is Marked Tree brother, that you actually spoke, but I've spoken before? No, no you haven't, huh, I never realized that. I'm then concern, meaning the varying prophetic horses I saw doing the Intrepid dream timetable, like the pale horse were all indicative of the first through six seals, with me Maaseiah just a night passed having or receiving a word regarding the 7th seal, which Sioux Noel we all know isn’t just about the thirty minutes of silence in heaven John experienced, and you Maaseiah, didn’t you as well experience silence in heaven? Well yes,
Lion Wolf I did, though to follow said silence is the introduction to the seven trumpets of world cataclysms of which will be impossible to overlook. It is here I care to announce we have a new member in our presence, yes, ah Maaseiah, this is our, well the tribe, even the Paris Globe newest member, even more important, newly converter to Christ, cousin, our brother, Beowulf, it is beyond Maaseiah this honor,” as one who was to barely take her hand along a kneel to her, was Maaseiah Adonai immediately aghast that he would pay her such honor. I must Beowulf both welcome this honor and decline it, and remind, we are all brethren here after the souls of men, worship god and only him shall thou serve. I didn’t mean to offend, you didn’t please believe me. "Hold up everybody please," as one motioning a sports signal of time out, it was as though the whole room for Spirit River was spinning with indescribable manners of biblical revelations, even for him, one of their wisest in such things. "Do any of you know what you’re saying, or even predicting? How can the seals be open, with us etching every second of new day upon the seventh seal and we not or little note it? Please I don’t get it, the veil of illusion prevents it, remember it’s to be so forceful in these last days, it’s possible to deceive even God’s elect. So the whole world is right now being dissolved and dispersed all around and through along God’s Kingdoms Reign? That we’re talking only a year or two, even the sounding of the seventh angel and the mass majority is completely oblivious of the most inconceivable invasion engulfing human kind since the authentic fall itself? I think I’m going to be sick, don’t be sick, rejoice, our God Reign, so Maaseiah in that, well when the domestic horses saw you and feared you, reverenced me Lion, and they broke off their bands and came after you, it wasn’t you thy saw, but fulfillment, yes, just as the Angel Gabriel had forewarn years prior. I’m sorry the angel Gabriel? The one mention in Holy Scripture, yes, Bronze, I thought all of you knew, it was my spouse birthday 2004, he was to remind us, we are the generation of fulfillment. The prophet Daniel was told to conceal unveiled prophecies as the time wasn’t yet, John the Revelator was told to reveal, as it was time to do so, now the end time church age by the arrival of heavens Man Gabriel was being told to fulfill all remaining prophecy. So we’re seeing and experiencing the end of all things mankind’s kingdoms and nation that in only a short space now that thousands of years have passed, none of this will be the same. The at present heavens, including the sun, the moon the stars, the earth, including mountains, oceans, sea and wild life, even mankind who by Christ’s Cross have been made new, unto glorified bodies and thus Heavens Heir. This is again what the Angel Gabriel was forewarning, but remember, such cataclysmic developments can’t be without shedding of blood, which is why said times are declared the worse this earth, this universe and man has ever seen or shall ever see again right into a thousand year reign of Christ preparations unto a newly descending Jerusalem Of God’s Kingdom Reign. So Lion the domestic horses saw that the time of the rider, of the seals hath come and they all not really being able to help themselves, broke their shackles away to make themselves ready. Doesn't that mean its, all of it's complete and if so why are we still here? Complete son Spirit, not fulfilled, it's been so since Christ's Cross, though now the Angel Gabriel said the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind, announced within the table table they'd given Maaseiah three years prior, so we're coming upon it's twelfth anniversary. You’re to remember Spirit, the Holy Spirit has shown me what happens next, after the Resurrection of the Righteous Dead, that I’ve as well experienced this ear piercing, deafening horn or trumpet literally loud enough to raise the dead. Didn’t you Maaseiah by one dream witness a trumpet be hand off to the Angel Gabriel? Yes, yes Apache I did, whether he hand it off to another or he’s to sound it himself, I don’t know. That just as the righteous dead rose into these special bodies they as fire rockets shot from the earth into the heavens, then does this indescribable phenomenon begin to happen to the righteous living. That they too like in a nano-second (see I Cor. 15:51-58), went from corruptible, mortal bodies to glorified bodies and as well shot like fire rockets into the heavens. I'm not guessing, I actually witness this happen, that from heaven's view, I then witness a cloud become fat and even fatter after each Resurrected Saint was captured into it. Years later, as I was standing in my kitchen 2011, busying myself in all likeness, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me and I quote, "soon the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints, as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome them, unquote. You all know, I'd shared this amazing word for years before I realized Holy Spirits were placing the church bride in heaven doing great tribulation and the trying of the Tribulation Saints. As so receiving the first of this year text like messages, after text messages all stating the same thing and I quote "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way, so we know, without further doubt what’s on the Holy Spirits itinerary, the great gathering of blood washed Saints, so can you wear white? AWAKE! God is Not Mocked, that you do all your dying in Christ Jesus, the only blessed death, Apb, The RAM,, 




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